Experienced SharePoint Developer & Software solutions Architect with a demonstrated history of working in the Scientific, Airline, Marketing & Consulting organizations in Germany. Professionally skilled in SharePoint, Office365, Azure, .Net Core, ASP.Net, Docker, Kubernetes, K2, SCRUM, JavaScript, TypeScript and the likes in the field of Microsoft and FrontEnd development.

Accomplished certifications


I am an enthusiast in SharePoint Framework (SPFx) for client-side development with React, Office Dev Patterns and Practices (PnP), TypeScript and Angular 6.

Currently busy building Microservice architecture using Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins in combination with AWS EFS, EBS, and S3 Bucket.

Additionally, I am a fanatic UX designer with skills for High-fidility prototyping; vigorous affinity to Office UI Fabric & Material UI.

Graduate from University of Bonn with Masters Degree in Theoretical Computer Science and was a Research Associate at the Fraunhofer institute (FKIE) where I successfully completed my Master’s Thesis in the field of Sensor Data Fusion, Computer Vision and Image Processing.

In my free time, I am interested in flying my drone, playing guitar, music production (using DAW), photography and updating myself with the latest tech news.