Microservices Architecture with .NET Core & Docker

Although MicroServices Architecture is the de facto approach in building many complex applications, it introduces numerous abstractions which in contrary to a traditional monolithic application makes it complex to understand, which is directly proportional to the number of introduced abstraction. But having said that, MicroService Architecture provide a huge incomparable advantage to monolithic applications. Performance,... Continue Reading →

Initial Intro – Azure function with SharePoint Online

Azure Functions are a very powerful auto upscaling server-less compute service provided by the Microsoft Azure cloud services. “Azure Function” can be written in multiple languages such as JavaScript, C#, PowerShell, F#, Java and Microsoft has planned(/is planning) to integrate Go-Lang into their ecosystem as well. Azure functions are provided in predominantly two major versions... Continue Reading →

HTML ImageMap

Web-based graphics is a term used in web design and also refers to multimedia programs. It provides a way to embed hyperlinks within a graphic. These are implemented with the variable shape = as rectangular (round), round (circle) or free (poly) buttons, which behave as hyperlinks in the hypertext of an HTML document. As a... Continue Reading →


Recently after installing updates on Ubuntu 12.04 , the "Full Screen" functionality of my VM VirtualBox did not work anymore. Every time I click on VirtualBox window - Devices - Install Guest Additions, gave me this error  - VERR_PDM_MEDIA_LOCKED, which implies that your local drive allocated for your VM is locked out for any changes.... Continue Reading →

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