Last evening I had installed updates on Ubuntu 12.04 and I realise this morning that the full screen function does not work anymore.

Everytime I click on VirtualBox window – Devices – Install Guest Additions, gives me an error (VERR_PDM_MEDIA_LOCKED)

Then I realised that I had to unmount the drive.

easy steps to do this

1. ‘Devices’ Drill down

2. ‘CD/DVD Devices’ uncheck VBoxGuestAdditions.iso

3. without restart, click on Devices again and ‘Install Guest Additions’

4. The terminal automatically starts , give your password… Might take a few minutes.

5. Restart


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  1. This worked for me too, (Mac OSX 10.6.8)
    -Goto ‘VirtualBoxVM’ window for the guest OS.
    -CD/DVD Devices
    ‘Remove disk from virtual drive’
    Then ‘Install Guest additions, as above’

  2. Update: It is called ‘Optical Drives’ instead of ‘CD/DVD Devices’ in the Devices Menu, for VM Virtalbox Version 6.0.0 r127566 (Qt5.6.2).

    Otherwise, this worked for me, thank you very much or posting this!

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